Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The Day I Started

Just sitting in front of my PC made me realise yesterday that how much time i wasted on it without any purpose just looking at old images, games n all nothing else :\. I just thought of utilising my time but dont knw how to do & of course what to do?:| Then an idea came to my mind, why not start blogging. So I clicked blospot and started to think about the site name and a good title for my blogs. After thinking for a while and selecting from different names..I decided to keep my site's name as!:) As obvious its my blog, so I finalized this name. I made this blog to share some good some bad experiences that I or some other people faced or faces in their lifes. I am planning to write each and every experience of mine that life giving me and share it with you.
Will Start posting soon.!!
Pls read other blogs as I update them..!
Comments and Suggestions are Welcomed.!!:)

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