Saturday, 18 August 2012

Tension Of Result

Just taking admission in a college is not the last part.. Actually the life begins from a new point here. Every year or i should say every semester children have to clear exams. In junior classes, during school time, all we had in our minds was that we have to go home & play with our friends in the evening. As the time passed, we passed our schools, became somewhat matured, entered our new colleges. Entering a college is the best part for some children coz they feel their freedom there i.e no compulsion on food, no spoon feeding by teachers, bunks etc.
But actually its the time when they realize that they are coming to an adult age, where they have to face the world on their own. They have to study on their own. no one will force them to study. Those who study regularly even they face some problems during the exam times & talking about those who don't even open their books whole year just try to pas anyhow. what so ever be the situation of the child, the only thing matters in the end is to pass & clear the Exams. Last night before the exam is the night of war. A war between the students and their books. They try to kill their whole book in just one go just before the Exam. Even before few hours or i should say few minutes before the Exam, students re-revise everything what they have learnt or studied. Now comes the Exam time, ah, tension rises to the peak, breathing is high, just thinking about the exam paper that how will be the questions, will I be able to solve them or not? all this thinking vanishes in 1 shot when we receive the Question paper in our hand n start reading the questions. After having a go through over the Question paper, we start attempting the Questions from where we know we are the best in. Finishing exam is the best part that gives us a feeling of Relaxing. Enjoying with friends, chatting, talking about how tough was the exam are the common things that children do after finishing the exam & leaving the examination hall.
Coming home and relaxing the most of the time to get charged for the next exam.
Until when the result is declared, students are in a deep tension state whether they say it or not.

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